How to set up a Gmail (google mail) account in Mac Mail


There are a lot of ways to set up a Gmail account on Mac mail. In this article I will discuss the method using the IMAP.

1. Assuming you have an existing Gmail account, log in your account and enable advanced IMAP control from the top of the Gmail page select “settings” and select “labels” find the label features “advanced IMAP controls” enable it and scroll down and click “save”. The Gmail website will refresh.

2. All mail to be sent over IMAP to be able to see your e emails the same way they appear on the Gmail platform.

3. Set up the mac os mail, Launch mail from applications folder and enter your names and Gmail email address and password and click “create”

3. Confirm your accounts setup and your default folders will be displayed.

4. On the Gmail account, change the default folder display; customize the folder on the mac to suit your desired use. Click on drafts, sent mail and trash and one after the other assign them the correct usage for example map the sent folder to store sent items only.

5. Once you have mapped the folders correctly, on mac go to the mail displayed at the top of the screen, click settings, under the “accounts tab” ensure that account has been set to use the assigned SMTP server

6. Under the mailbox behavior tab, it’s recommended that you un-check the box for storing junk mails on the server

7. Under accounts setting on mac click the advance tab and set Gmail as the IMAP path prefix. Once you complete this process close the preferences window and save the changes you have made.

8. Synchronize Gmail with IMAP from the menu that appears on the upper side of the screen. Synchronization will take a long time if you have many emails.

9. Restart Apple mail to ensure it’s in synch with Gmail

10. Try sending and receiving emails via the new platform.
If Gmail is your default, Apple mail permits you to add multiple POP or IMAP email as well as getting and sending it to and from each account.