The parental controls on a Mac are powerful. A lot of parents love to use these controls to ensure that their children do not get into any trouble while using the home computer. Of course, most kids know more about computers than their parents. A parent must know what they are doing when setting up the controls. Here is a quick how to guide on setting up parent controls on a Mac.

To get started, a parent should add each of their children as a user. When adding a user, the parent can turn on the parental controls as they see fit. It is easy to add a new user, just go to system preferences and select the users and groups tabs. From there, one can add a user.

Most parents want to limit the usage of programs by their child. To limit the program usage, just go to the Apps tab in parental control preferences. In this tab, a parent can select which programs that the child cannot use. Other parents may want to limit the child’s computer time, under parental controls can easily modify the time limits for computer usage. Not only that, one can limit the time of day the child can use the computer.

The Internet is an area which parents want to limit their child’s access. To control the Internet usage, click the Web in parental control preferences, here a parent can select any number of options. A parent can set up automatic blocking of adult content websites. Though this option may not catch everything. Other people who want to be stricter can allow access only to selected websites. Next, a parent will undoubtedly want to limit a child’s contact preferences. A parent must click the People tab under parental controls; here they can limit whom a child can message using the Mac.

With these tips, a parent should have no problem protecting their children. The reality is there are a lot of awful things a child can view on the Internet. Luckily a parent can take a few steps to protect their children. In the process, a parent will also protect their computer as a child may go to websites that cause problems. A smart parent must also monitor his or her child’s computer usage, this way a parent can have peace of mind when it comes to his or her child.