It is beneficial to share a printer wirelessly from one computer system if the computers are compatible rather than needing to connect the same printer to each computer individually. Not only can this be confusing, it can also cause a delay in productivity. However, it is a simple process to set up a printer for use with multiple networked computers from a Mac.

The first thing that one will need to do is to verify that all of the computers that are going to use the printer wirelessly have a Wi-fi compatible card installed. Those who do not have a Wi-fi compatible network card would need to resort to manually connecting an Ethernet cable to the printer system. Once it has been verified that the computers on the network are all Wi-fi compatible, the person may then set up the printer options on each individual computer so that the main printer selected is the wireless printer system connected to the Mac computer.

Also if need be, the person might need to install additional drivers for the specific printer. When purchasing a wireless printer, the unit will also come with a disc that contains the appropriate drivers or they may also be obtained online from the printer manufacturer’s website. Next, the person may click on the “System Preferences” option from the Apple main desktop menu and then click on the “Sharing” option. Next, there will be a “Services” list that contains active and not active services running on the Mac. The person then needs to click on the check box for “Printer Sharing” to enable the wireless printer to be accessed and shared from each computer on the network.

Lastly, the printer must also be added to the Mac computer by clicking on the “Printers” list and then the “+” link to set permissions for each computer on the network in terms of sharing the wireless printer. The “Everyone” option may be chosen to enable all of the computers access to the printer or specific computers may also be allowed. Once done, the wireless printer should be setup and ready to be accessed wirelessly from other computers on the network.