There are always many questions about this new iCloud product that has been floating around. Here are a few commonly asked questions to give you a little bit of a clearer view what iCloud is really all about.

iCloud is a free storage service available on Apple which is used to store all of your media, all different types even non-media files online. Many people usually use iCloud for their digital music. If you want to be able to retrieve your media while on another computer or on your iphone iCloud allows you to do so. It is almost like portable storage you don’t have to pick up and carry around with you. iCloud also gives you the option for disaster recovery in case you don’t have anything backed up. You can store literally everything with iCloud. This includes music, photos, apps, contacts, mail, iBooks, important documents, and calendar events.

Many people wonder how much storage you really get with iCloud and if you have to purchase more. Here is how it works. If you have a basic account then you automatically start out with about 5GBs for free storage. If you plan on storing a lot of things on the iCloud then you might want to consider purchasing more gigabytes for storage. Apple will offer ten,twenty, or fifty extra gigabytes of storage for a fixed fee. Like most people they choose to store more than just music on their iCloud so there are certain requirements that need to be made clear before anything else. If your running iCloud from a Apple Mac then you have to at least be running on OS X Lion. If you have a PC then you need to download iCloud control panel to the service in windows. If you have an Apple device then your need to be running on iOS version 5 and higher.

iCloud is a really convenient and easy way to store many things that can be accessed in multiple areas. This sure beats going out and buying an external hard drive to try and save space on your computer. This program runs very smoothly and is extremely user friendly. If you want convenience and the access to your music by the tip of your finger then it is highly recommended that you go and take a shot to download this program. iCloud is this generations upgraded easy storage system.